NetSuite is a QuickBooks Alternative Offering 24/7 Cloud Solutions and Accessibility.

Too often, business owners find themselves in a real software dilemma. Usually, it’s brought on by business processes demanding more efficiency in daily tasks, be it in warehousing, shipping or in the accounting department.

In a bid to cut costs, a lot of small to mid-size business owners delay making changes to their accounting software because of the perceived disruptions. Will customer orders be fulfilled accurately and on-time? How much training is involved during implementation?

Because of these questions, and more, business owners turn to alternate ‘solutions’ that might include integrating a host of apps to complement the existing accounting program.

It’s not uncommon for startups to use QuickBooks in their early years, knowing that as the business expands they can upgrade to more robust modules. But the real issue with QuickBooks, according to an article in Forbes, is its focus on on-premise implementation, which prompts many to seek a QuickBooks alternative.

Simply put, “...the cloud has caught up to the accounting world.”

The quest for that perfect accounting software, like NetSuite, leads many decision-makers to think the solution lies with customization.  Worse, these ‘solutions’ are designed as on-premise fixes, which means a continuous build-out of apps and third-party programs to make their existing QuickBooks jump through hoops for which it wasn’t designed.

For starters, NetSuite is a  SaaS platform providing 24/7 accessibility. In addition, users rely on a single database to search files, import data and generate reports. Consequently, business owners eliminate wasted time searching for information from multiple open windows...or trying to find documents residing on PCs in multiple locales.

Ask us for a free demo, and options for subscription services. Contact us today to start the conversation about your QuickBooks alternative: NetSuite will change the way you do business.

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