Disruption Can Be Good: NetSuite and New Technology

Disruptive technology is any advancement that industries see as a game changer. New tools and software programs make old ways of doing business obsolete, and companies have to keep up or they will be left in the dust by more flexible competitors.

NetSuite offers a cloud-deployed solution for any business that needs to adapt quickly and efficiently to the modern world. At recent events, NetSuite representatives discussed how their products help companies not just survive operational disruptions, but profit from new technology.

NetSuite NYSE Disruption
On September 18, 2015, NetSuite held an event at the New York Stock Exchange entitled "NetSuite NYSE Disruption." The software company's Chief Marketing Officer Fred Studer kicked off the exclusive presentation, which featured numerous industry leaders discussing their method of utilizing big data and reorganizing their business models. CIO discussed how the event focused on how companies can't be afraid to view each new innovation as a chance to renovate and improve operations. Numerous examples were given of companies that found success through leveraging new information tools.

NetSuite solutions help simplify new business procedures. CRN said companies turn to NetSuite platforms when they need to open up their market to e-Commerce customers. The business software provides a unified solution that works over multiple channels and streamlines data received from numerous sources. The system integrates with existing business practices and helps managers find new solutions to modern challenges.

Disruption and creativity
Disruptive technology is everywhere. Fortune suggested numerous industries could be affected by scientific advancements in multiple ways. Manufacturing companies have already begun to investigate 3D printing procedures, while supply chains explore incorporating drone delivery options.

To examine the creative side of industrial tool advances, Fred Studer spoke at a disruptive technology panel for the Fourth Annual Raptor House Forum. The event explored how changing software and data science affects the sports and entertainment industries.

NetSuite provides optimal performance for any business that has to meet modern customer demands. The Oakland Athletics uses a NetSuite platform to analyze customer buying habits and sponsor preferences. The software helps the baseball organization target their marketing and sales materials to specific audiences. On the entertainment side, the Shazam music app relies on NetSuite to support its expanding business. The product has an ever-growing global customer group and needs a unified software solution to manage its finances. NetSuite lets business owners manage costs and revenues in many locations that have unique currencies.

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