Put Dynamics SL in the Cloud and Your Biggest Headache Will Go Away

No matter what type of business you are – in all likelihood time entry is a problem for your company to some extent. Most likely, it is a problem in several different ways. Employees hate the drudgery of entering time, and managers don’t like having to keep after employees to get that task done. In turn, those who need to approve time don’t much care for that task (assuming the time is even in the system in the first place), and business owners worry about lost revenue from time not being entered. That’s a lot of potential agony for a task that needs to be completed weekly.

By putting Microsoft Dynamics SL in the cloud, you can alleviate this headache. By using the cloud configuration of Dynamics SL, you can easily take advantage of a new service called Web Apps. Web Apps allows you to access your Dynamics SL database from anywhere that has an internet connection. That means – among other things – that employees can enter their time from wherever, and whenever, they like. That can be on a Smartphone or Tablet during convenient down time, or at their PC from the office as in the past.

Of course, the argument could be made that if employees do not like entering time at the office, why would they want to do it from home. It is a valid point, and to be sure, Dynamics SL Web Apps is not going to be the answer for all employees. But in todays wired world – giving employees that extra option can only help. Not to mention – studies have shown that admin tasks like time entry go much faster without the distractions typically found in an office setting. What may take 20 minutes at your desk may only take 3 or 4 minutes while waiting for an appointment. Who knows – maybe time & expense entry will become your employee’s favorite thing to do.

To learn how Dynamics SL Web App can help your business, contact Intellitec Solution at 866-405-4357.

By Intellitec Solutions, a Dynamics SL Partner serving Delaware and Pennsylvania

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