NetSuite’s Cloud ERP: Part of Today’s $43B Investments in Cloud Computing

NetSuite's cloud ERP part of today's B investments in cloud computing


By itself, the figure is impressive, but the fact that 78% of small businesses will be using the cloud by 2020 is even more astounding in the dollars it represents: cloud computing will spike to $55B in 2016 from $43B this year, according to Forbes overview on “small and medium business cloud computing.”

One of the innovators in cloud erp is NetSuite, which formed back in 1998. For those not familiar with the company name, NetSuite was formerly known as Oracle Small Business Suite.

NetSuite is of the first to offer  cloud-based ERP software, and today serves over 24,000 organizations worldwide.

The SaaS platform truly provides 24/7 visibility in all operations with access from any browser. For the supervisor in the field who needs to collaborate with the factory floor, warehouse or key vendors, NetSuite provides seamless workflow capabilities.

For example, outside sales can gather real-time information before meeting with a client, and managers are able to follow projects throughout the product cycle. Moreover,  users can remotely monitor material shipments to meet customized deadlines.

Forbes emphasizes the viability of cloud computing in reviewing the highest “SMB priorities for 2015:”

“Increasing profitability, business growth, reducing operational costs and attracting and retaining new customers are the top four SMB business issues.”

A common weak spot in companies relying on legacy accounting systems is the inability to create accurate financials. NetSuite uses its single, back office platform to reduce manual processes like entering data in multiple spreadsheets; these processes can be reduced by up to 70% through NetSuite’s ERP system.


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