NetSuite Quick Tips: Subsidiary Navigator Bundle

Did you know that NetSuite users have access to numerous SuiteApp bundles that will significantly increase productivity? And they’re FREE?

For those that utilize NetSuite OneWorld and manage multiple subsidiaries for a business, are you tired of manually changing the view restrictions to see specific subsidiary data on various dashboard portlets? It can be time consuming and irritating when you’re constantly having to switch back and forth.

NetSuite SuiteApp: Subsidiary Navigator

If you are spending too much time switching back and forth between subsidiaries, the Subsidiary Navigator will be your new best friend.






This free SuiteApp bundle creates a portlet on your dashboard that outlines your subsidiary structure. If your dashboard is set up with reporting and KPI’s, all you have you have to do is just click on one segment of the subsidiary tree and it will change your reporting to match that segment. It is a simple, visual tool to quickly zoom in and out, right from your dashboard.

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By: Tanya Weatherholt, Business Consultant, ERP/CRM Systems (NetSuite) at BCG Systems, Inc.

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