NetSuite: the Best Cloud Accounting Software on the Market—25,000+ Organizations Worldwide Say So

As a growing eCommerce business, you’ve noticed a slowdown on fulfillment, which has more to do with the limitations of your current QuickBooks (QB) than it does with sales or shipping.

Consequently, the slowdown has not only caused order cancellations, but too much time spent sending emails and handling the phones to mend customer relationships.

One of the culprits is the ever-expanding need to update tax information, which QB ‘ignores.’ This means more time spent manually updating data as your customer base expands. Such inefficiencies in your accounting software were never expected...until it started affecting your revenue stream.

All along, it’s been easy for IT to customize and offer workarounds, but the tempo has not kept up with the growth spurt. Worse, the stacks of isolated data have resulted in silos of non-integrated files and documents.

During times like these, you need real-time updates on financials, an accurate daily report to monitor all of the departments, from procurement, to warehousing, shipping and distribution, customer relationship management, including new ways to engage your customer---social media!

Using NetSuite’s cloud platform allows small to mid-size companies to run programs of choice as a SaaS offering. This doesn’t mean a wholesale migration of critical files and programs to the NetSuite site; critical and proprietary programs can remain on-premises.

Immediate cost savings by using NetSuite’s SaaS include less time spent by IT providing updates across the on-premise network. Also, hardware build-outs are kept to a minimum with few server requirements and staff to manage them. There are 25,000 and counting organizations that have chosen NetSuite for their cloud accounting software and these are just a few of the reasons why.

Contact us. Let our experienced staff lead you through the process of identifying your accounting needs, and working with you throughout implementation and deployment of your NetSuite software, the best cloud accounting software on the market today.

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