Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Strategy: Building an “Intelligent” Cloud

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and SaaS: "We are building the intelligent cloud."

Successful small businesses never stay small forever, thanks to growing revenue streams and the ability to remain nimble to make important decisions. As companies grow, they feel the need to initiate new methods of handling internal documents or engage their customer base. Gone are the Rolodexes, and isolated files are not integrated into single database management systems, like Microsoft Dynamics Cloud ERP systems.

Through it all, decision makers must deal with an array of obstacles, from unproductive employees and production-line problems to warehouse and supply chain management issues. Unfortunately, companies who are chained to paper-based documentation and manual data entries are forever-cursed with “a lack of business productivity.”

‘Expansion’ often means reacting to change in an agile way. For example, product development must be streamlined to allow for quick revisions. Adding new facilities to meet this growth brings with it more room for error and possible downtime as material and parts are ordered.

Consequently, with more room for error during such expansion phases, companies are drawn to integrated solutions without abandoning in-place programs and apps during an implementation of Dynamics ERP and CRM software.

Today, it’s imperative that companies are given mobile access across their network. On-premise programs, combined with cloud-based applications (SaaS), deliver more opportunities for monitoring all aspects of the organization, from sales to marketing as well as the distribution chain.

Summing up the migration to Microsoft Dynamics cloud based programs, Microsoft CEO noted in an InfoWorld overview:

"When we talk about cloud first, it is the cloud backend for all of your devices, all of your data," said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in a keynote speech. "We will consume data at unprecedented levels … Security, privacy, regulation all matter in the cloud. We are building the intelligent cloud. At the core of that is the backend infrastructure that drives all of your enterprise mobility needs, the agility you need to have new value and new applications."

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