Infographic 7 Game Changing Trends Towards Online Accounting Software
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[Infographic] 7 Game Changing Trends Towards Online Accounting Software

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Is it time to move to online accounting software? This infographic highlights 7 trends that show it is time to move in that direction.


The 7 trends towards online accounting software are:

#1 The mobile workforce

Your employees are on the move, but need to stay connected to the information they need. With cloud-based business applications, they can be “in the office” as soon as they turn on their device.

#2 IT moves to the background

Business outcomes – instead of technology – should drive your decisions. Cloud-based ERP allows your business to focus on the future instead of getting bogged down by outdated technology.

#3 The “Internet of Things” (IoT)

By collecting and analyzing the data from the things that surround us – from vending machines to medical devices – the Internet of Things (IoT) helps us identify patterns, track trends, and even predict behaviors.

#4 Security across devices and the cloud

As your employees become more dependent on mobile devise, the risk for data theft increases, especially if the device is lost or stolen. Cloud computing offers organizations secure options to store and protect data in a mobile world.

#5 Increasing complexity of compliance

Maintaining compliance in the face of ever-changing regulations, industry standards, and corporate quality initiatives s challenging. Flexible, cloud-based systems that can quickly adjust to new requirements reduce both the costs and risks to your business.

#6 Digital natives move up the corporate ladder

Younger workers expect the business to capitalize on the data and technology assets that are available. Cloud-based ERP, ensures your business has the systems in place to support the next generation.

#7 The age of data analysis

There is a world of data available, both inside and outside the organization, that can help your business thrive. Cloud-based ERP reduces the barriers to connect information that builds insight and fuels growth.

These are just the highlights. Want to learn more about each of these trends and what businesses like yours are doing to respond?

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