Businesses Grow With Cloud ERP

Enterpise resource planning (ERP) solutions often appeared to be available, or affordable, only to larger enterprises. However, that is no longer the case.  The right ERP and cloud deployment can level the playing field between small and medium-sized companies and their larger competitors.  Modern business solutions can also streamline operations, improve productivity and profitability and position your organization for success.  Here’s what you need to know about ERP and the cloud.

  • ERP offers control: Managing business data within a single, integrated ERP solution is more efficient and cost-effective than using multiple, disparate software programs and systems.  Your data can be easily entered and accessed from one solution, which offers improved productivity.  In addition, ERP offers time-saving automations that further streamline data entry and use.  For example, you can turn proposal data into a customer order and later, into an invoice.  Less time spent on handling data provides more time using it.
  • Mobility empowers your people: Sales professionals, field services teams, and other professionals may spend more time out of the office than in it.  Connect your people to your data from nearly anywhere, anytime, with a cloud-based solution such as Acumatica®.  Your team can use their mobile devices, smartphones or tablets to enter or retrieve the data they need to make a sale, check on an order, or look up available inventory.
  • Visibility drives growth: Acumatica also offers easy to read dashboards and business intelligence that you can use to turn data into actionable insight.  Identify trends with customer needs, buying habits or product demands.  Learning which products are selling best, or worst, for example, can guide you to changing marketing tactics or procurement decisions – making sure you have the products your customers want and avoid over-stocking the items that they don’t.
  • Innovative technology is within reach: Today’s ERP solutions, including Acumatica, are affordable for nearly any business and any budget.  Cloud-based solutions can save money from purchasing or upgrading expensive equipment and servers, as well as with staffing the necessary expertise to manage these systems.

Small and medium sized businesses can grow and thrive with the support of the right technology.  Contact AccuPointe to learn more about cloud-based Acumatica and how this solution can save time and money as well as position your company for success.

By AccuPointe, North Carolina/South Carolina ERP Partner

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