7 Signs Cloud ERP is Right for Your Business

Is your business considering a migration to a cloud ERP system? It can be difficult to determine when the right time is for a system upgrade. There are a few signs you can look for that may point towards it being time to make the change.

  1. Your business is growing rapidly.

Part of the magic of the cloud is that it can scale upwards rapidly. If you expect to be growing your business, you don't want to waste money on an infrastructure that will need to be upgraded shortly. Instead, the cloud will allow you to provision only the resources that you need when you need them.

  1. Your company has begun expansions.

When rapidly expanding, a company needs always available access to their ERP solution. One of the easiest ways to guarantee this access is through a cloud solution.

  1. You have a multi-geographic business.

If you need to connect offices in multiple geographic locations, a web-based product such as cloud ERP is the fastest, most affordable and convenient solution. Through a cloud ERP, multiple offices can be connected simultaneously to a resource of consolidated data.

  1. You have problems with data consolidation.

When you find yourself trying to create a composite of data from numerous spreadsheets, it may be time to consolidate data within an ERP program. Cloud ERP services will bring all of your enterprise data into a single location.

  1. Your employees need 24/7 access.

A cloud solution has limited downtime -- it is reliable enough to be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which vastly improves accessibility. For companies who have employees working throughout the day and week, a cloud product makes the most sense.

  1. Your business is seeking mergers, acquisitions or similar restructuring.

When undergoing any serious restructuring, it becomes important to have an all-in-one feature complete enterprise resource management solution. A cloud ERP will make it easier for the company to move forward in a single system.

  1. Your current systems don't have the features you will need in the future.

Every business occasionally outgrows its technology and must commit to upgrades. If your current ERP doesn't have the features necessary for the future of your business, it may be time to make a proactive switch.

From small businesses to large corporations, the right cloud ERP solution will streamline a company's operations and ensure efficiency. Cloud ERP solutions are cost-effective, always accessible, rapidly deployed and easily scaled.

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By Socius, an Ohio Cloud ERP Provider

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