The Best ERP Cloud Solution: Acumatica, Here’s Why

Acumatica is at the top of the list of Cloud ERP solutions for good reason. Acumatica delivers unparalleled performance for Financial, Distribution, CRM, Project Accounting and Manufacturing.

Acumatica is totally web-based and is up to date with the very latest technology attainable today. Generally utilized as a cloud based solution, Acumatica can also be used as an on-premise deployment. And that makes Acumatica unique among cloud solutions.

Here are some reasons that you may find Acumatica to be the best cloud ERP solution for your business:

For Financials

  • Acumatica’s advanced functionality includes:

Financial management and reporting
Budgeting capabilities
Cash management
Time and expense reporting and approving
Integration with CRM

  • Acumatica allows you total control of when and how updates are applied
  • Acumatica assures you of total ownership of data and anytime access
  • Acumatica’s latest update provides 200-300% improved performance

For Licensing

  • Acumatica offers various options for deployment and licensing including:

SaaS Software as a service by subscription using Microsoft Azure
Perpetual on-premise purchased software
Hosting by other cloud providers

  • Acumatica allows you to change deployment choice whenever you wish
  • Acumatica’s unique customer friendly pricing is not based on individual user licenses
  • Acumatica allows you to enroll additional users without increasing software licensing costs

For Developers

  • Acumatica provides flexible customization and development tools, for instance:

Web based configuration tools
Web based visual form design tools
Integration for recurring, scheduled import and export of data into any of Acumatica’s screens
Report writers for designing additional reports
Generic Query Designer for creating custom data inquiries
Intuitive dashboard building tool for designing custom screens
Web services API for all Acumatica screens

  • Acumatica is Microsoft Azure and Amazon web services ready
  • Acumatica is optimized for most mobile devices
  • Acumatica has a workflow engine and tools for programming alerts and notifications
  • Acumatica has documentation and content management via a Wiki model

If you’d like to know more about Acumatica, the top ERP Cloud solution, contact us at Crestwood: Ask for a free demo and let us discuss with you how Acumatica can best meet your business requirements.

By Crestwood Associates

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