Would You Prefer Paper Or Plastic?

Recent studies of consumers in several European countries indicated that there is a preference when choosing groceries and fresh produce that are packaged in paper-based or plastic packaging.  In addition, this international study questioned when all aspects of a product, including both price and quality, were the same, whether there was a preference in packaging.  The answer was clear and you may be surprised.

As indicated in “Paper packaging ‘preferred by customers’,” posted by Carl Collen on Fruitnet.com, when choosing between plastic or paper, customers are resoundingly choosing paper.  Nearly 68% of those surveyed chose paper-based containers over the 32% that preferred plastic.  Of those asked if they would be more or less likely to purchase from a retailer using paper vs. plastic containers, only 41% claimed the container made no influence on their decision. However, of the remaining 59%, 85% of those indicated that they were more likely to purchase a product in a paper-based container.

According to the European study, there is a clear preference for paper-based containers.  This information suggests that food and beverage manufacturers may benefit by rethinking their product packaging.  Knowing customer preferences can lead to stronger sales and long-term brand loyalty.  You can gain additional insights into customer preferences by deploying a strong enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution such as Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

You can manage all of your food and beverage manufacturing operations within Plex Manufacturing Cloud  including financials, inventory and supply chain, manufacturing and distribution operations, as well as other core business processes.  This integrated solution can get you closer to the data you need, when you need it, making it easier to respond faster to changing regulations and customer expectations.   You can monitor your data in real-time to identify trends in product popularity or customer demands and use this information to improve business operations or product offerings that meet customer needs.  Plex Manufacturing Cloud also offers powerful traceability and other security measures that can improve compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act and other strict regulations.

Adapt to changing marketplace conditions and learn how to anticipate customer needs by deploying stronger technology.  Contact AccuPointe to learn more about using Plex Manufacturing Cloud to improve productivity and serve customers with efficiency.

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by Todd Sain, President of AccuPointe, a North Carolina based ERP Reseller with over 23 years of experience delivering technology solutions to customers across the US.

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