Acumatica’s Cloud ERP 5.2 is Here!

A good thing just got better. Acumatica 5.2 offers a host of new and improved features. Here are some we think you’ll like:

  • If you have multiple locations or branches, you’ll appreciate Consolidated Receivables.
  • If you need currency exchange rates synchronized, Web Services will do it automatically.
  • Support is offered to include VAT
  • You can write off amounts during Bank Transaction Processing
  • Improved process for early contract renewal
  • New Methods of Calculating Overdue Charges
  • Improved Reports and Inquiries for Fixed Assets
  • You can import physical inventory counts into Acumatica via Excel
  • You can send invoices from the Sales Order Module
  • Allocation of Purchase Price Variance to Inventory Value
  • Failed Emails can be automatically resent
  • You can designate default dates and times for employee activities.
  • You can add activities to projects that are still in the ‘Planned’ stage
  • Mobile apps now allow employees to enter time and expenses remotely
  • You can import data from Acumatica into Power BI for up to the minute insights
  • Improved Requester Profile
  • Updated Relative Date Clauses
  • There is an improved company snapshot process
  • You can include Wiki Pages & Web Services endpoints into Customization Projects
  • Memory Consumption has been improved
  • There is a new look to the Customer Portal with intuitive icons for navigation as well as new custom dashboards

So take a look at Acumatica 5.2. We think you’ll like what you see.

For more information about Acumatica 5.2, contact Crestwood

by Crestwood Associates





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