Upgrade from QuickBooks–Are You Ready?

PrintDo you need to upgrade from QuickBooks accounting software to something more robust?  One way to determine if the time is right is to create a gap analysis.  Wikapedia defines a gap analysis as a comparison of actual performance with potential or desired performance.

Start Here

There are lots of ways to do a gap analysis, but they all start at the same place: the end.  To create a gap analysis that provides real value, you have to know where you are headed.  Nearly all companies have goals, whether formally recorded in a planning document or firmly lodged in the CEO's head.  Start with those goals--if they get down to the level of detailed goals for the accounting group, you are in luck; otherwise start with the company goals and then figure out what the department goals are--talk to the Controller, read status reports to get an idea of problem areas, talk to users to find out what they think, and if you have a chance, attend a few meetings and listen for complaints. However you pull it together, start with where you want to be with regard to your accounting software and processes.

Then look at your current position with regard to those goals. The software documentation will probably be the best place to start.  Talk to users and IT personnel to figure out exactly what your current state is and to see if there is any way to get to where you want to be using this application.

Read the rest... (There is also a link to a post by Tech Target about creating a gap analysis at the end of this post.)

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By Sandi Richards Forman, sforman@nexvue.com
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