NetSuite Is a Proven QuickBooks Online Alternative

SMBs who are still using throw-back methods---mailing invoices and checks--as the backbone of their procurement and payables departments are still floundering in the Dark Ages. Yes, there are innumerable third party apps that celebrate your decisions to keep on using your legacy programs. They may offer what appear to be long-term solutions, such as using their app to email your invoices for a fee.

Ultimately, their quasi-integrated app ensures the accounting department that ‘all is well’ with no need to replace their on-premise accounting system, or migrate programs to the cloud. To further perpetuate accounting errors due to manual entries, and duplicate billings, they continue pushing back on a QuickBooks online alternative.

Business owners considering a cloud-based option, NetSuite, may still harbor concerns about online security. They remain uncomfortable about migrating critical files and programs to a cloud system.

As noted in a post on the  MSP Today website, the concerns are, for the most part, not wholly valid:

“Everywhere you turn, the advantages of cloud are being touted - to such an extent that you could be forgiven for thinking that on-premise solutions are obsolete. With the increasing complexity of software licensing, the difficulties of provisioning applications across large distributed environments, and the need to contribute to the bottom line by increasing productivity while streamlining IT administration, cloud is undeniably appealing.”

NetSuite provides QuickBooks users the opportunity to turn away from disconnected apps and isolated files in favor a single system that is fully integrated. The platform is an ideal Quickbooks Online alternative for manufacturers to monitor every financial aspect of their production cycles, shipping, distribution and procurement throughout their supply chain as they monitor costs on the production line via supply chain management.

Contact TMC to learn more about NetSuite and how the cloud-based software can increase productivity and help to control costs throughout the organization---the software used by over 25,000 organizations worldwide and growing.

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