Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Computing Options Enhanced with Microsoft Azure Hosting

The digital world of mobile devices, software and related infrastructure are becoming more ‘homogeneous,’ thanks to advances in cross-platform technology. In short, successful app and program development is all about a one-step development cycle, or  "write once and run anywhere"

The challenge for developers and webmasters is to create content that displays on an array of mobile devices and across numerous operating systems. This is in contrast to following the native approach to app development. The latter is device-centric with expensive development times and limited distribution.

Today’s business process tools, like the Microsoft Dynamics NAV software, mesh well with mobile devices, be they smartphones or tablets. Furthermore, as businesses combine their on-premise computing with cloud computing options, such as using Microsoft Azure, IT departments are becoming less shackled to system maintenance, thereby finding more time to be innovative for their companies.

As a managed service provider, Microsoft Azure represents the fulcrum for the likes of  enterprise resource management (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. For example, Dynamics CRM can be deployed both on-premise and online, allowing IT to migrate critical files and programs on their timeline. Azure, however, makes certain that security patches and upgrades are completed in a timely manner without the risk of oversight from an overburdened IT department.

For Dynamics CRM and ERP platforms, this results in a fully integrated platform accessible by decision-makers from the field,  the factory floor or in the client’s office.

Learn more about the power of Microsoft Azure cloud services, and how it’s 24/7 offering can help raise your company’s productivity to the next level. Contact us TMC today to find out how you can get your ERP system in the Cloud.

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