7 Important Trends That Suggest Cloud ERP Is In Your Future

7 Trends ERP Cloud Cover imageIt is hard to predict the future, but keeping a close eye on trends can certainly give you the advantage.

If you are reading this, there is a strong possibility that you already use the cloud in your personal life. Whether it involves syncing the music on your phone or sharing your favorite Netflix movie picks with your friends, you have likely already integrated social media and cloud computing services into your life.

On the other hand, there is still a strong possibility that your business has not yet made a leap into the cloud. Here are 7 trends, discussed in detail in a new white paper, that suggest cloud ERP should be in your future.

Trend #1: Mobility

Your company's workers are already mobile. There is no reason why your ERP system should not be mobile as well. Customers expect it, and some might even demand it.

Trend #2: More tech means less tech

As you embrace cloud services, technology moves  into the background, and you can spend more energy on your actual job.

Trend #3: The "Internet of Things"

It is not just a buzzword. Mobile, Internet and cloud services are being integrated into everything, not just computers and phones. There is no reason why businesses should be excluded from this.

Trend #4: Reduce security risk

Since you will inevitably need trend #1 to keep your business afloat, are you sure your servers are secure enough to open them up to the Internet while your workers are on the road? Cloud ERP likely offers superior and more secure infrastructure.

Trend #5: Compliance simplification

Compliance with industry and government regulations is more complex than ever. A cloud-based ERP system adapts to new regulations and ensures your company stays compliant.

Trend #6: Save the future

The “kids” who are entering the workforce now have always been connected to the Internet, to social media and to the cloud. Do not hinder their growth by denying them this valuable resource.

Trend #7: Analyze and prioritize

Big Data is a big deal. Your competitors know this and are hiring people and introducing software than can gather all of the data out there and analyze it to help them plan, increase sales and retain customers. Cloud ERP can help you compete and excel.

For more in-depth insight into each of these seven trends download the free white paper from “7 Game Changing Trends: Why It’s Time to Move to Online Accounting Software.”

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