3 Ways Acumatica Can Help Your Wholesale Distribution Operation

There is a lot of stiff competition in the wholesale distribution industry. It’s obvious that the technology you decide is the best fit to run your systems will distinguish you from the competition - and that can be a good or a bad thing. If your company isn’t able to meet your customers' orders during busy times, it's likely that your competitors will try to pick up where you left off and snatch up your customers!

Cloud ERP software like Acumatica is probably the most important tool that can integrate and scale many of your business’s operations to meet your customers’ needs, as well as roll with the punches that come with the unpredictability in the distribution industry.

Acumatica helps distributors to:

1. Move from Quote to Cash quickly & efficiently

If you are trying to help your customers from every step from quote to cash, you are probably like a lot of other distributors turning to Acumatica for help. If you want your customer service process and department to be up to par, make sure your employees know the full story, and that they can access to important information whenever they need to. To impress your customers, it’s time to really get to know who they are. Knowing them means having access to their history as a customer when you need it most. Acumatica makes this possible without costing a fortune and upgrading your IT systems.

2. Improve distribution operations on the supply side

In order to keep up with demand, it’s really important to connect your whole supply chain.

If the information you’re using to make decisions isn’t accurate, it is probably slowing you down a lot more than you think. It’s crucial to have an exact understanding of what your inventory looks like in order to make the right decisions for your supply chain. Automation in your system ensures that the whole supply chain is tracked, including all ordering and inventory and that the information is displayed the same in all systems. This way you can feel great knowing that your system is taking care of things for you.

3. Make solid financial decisions

We utilize sophisticated analytical tools to compile lots of raw data that will be the backbone of huge financial and business decisions, but remember that the data is only as relevant as the information it tells us.

If you are unable to produce intelligent reports or insights, then you are definitely behind your competitors. These tools and insights are necessities now, as high level management relies on this insight heavily in order to make critical decisions about the business.

Seasoned veterans in the wholesale distribution industry know how easy it is to get bogged down with the different needs of the industry, especially when changing your system can seem a little daunting.

We can’t make light of the effort needed to change systems and processes, so we must say that it is really important to make careful considerations before making a change. We are able to say however that companies with stronger technology backing their systems tend to come out on top in the long term. Making a switch to a cloud based ERP software like Acumatica will help you to advance ahead of your competition and starting seeing really beneficial results to your operation.

Making the proper change in the distribution system is worth the research and preparation. Watch a quick overview video from Acumatica below that explains inventory management and distribution in this system.


Would you like to know more? Set up a consultation with us at Logan Consulting for your business to decide if Acumatica is the right solution for your wholesale distribution business.

by Logan Consulting

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