3 Reasons To Consider A Cloud ERP Software Solution

It’s hard to get by in today’s business world without at least hearing about cloud solutions. ERP, CRM and other major software services are now available via the cloud, and more businesses than ever are ditching on-premise technology in favor of a cloud-based model.

Here are three major reasons why:

The Cloud Reduces IT Expenses
Because cloud software providers handle server maintenance, system updates and security measures, cloud solutions cut down expenses considerably.

Plus, the ability to purchase cloud solutions via subscription licensing gives companies the versatility to pay lower-cost, recurring fees instead of shelling out a large, upfront expenditure (i.e., investing in local servers). While certain organizations still prefer the latter approach, more companies are opting for the off-site servers, automatic maintenance and increased security inherent in the cloud.

The decision to buy or lease a vehicle provides a fitting analogy here. Some buyers prefer to purchase a vehicle up front, spending more money at the outset to fully own the vehicle. Others prefer to lease, paying less up front and trading up every few years so they can always have the newest model.


The Cloud Improves Flexibility
Cloud solutions update automatically, ensuring that users at any location collaborate using the same software version. Additionally, scaling up is much easier with cloud technology, as providers are able to size features to users’ needs. When it’s time to grow, a company talks to the provider, who creates a new end-user experience with adjusted features; the company doesn’t need to spend time and money building on its physical infrastructure.


The Cloud Improves Mobility
Mobile accessibility may be the cloud’s most recognizable feature. Put simply, all you need is the Internet in order to plug and play. Users can access data anywhere at any time. This is especially important in the mobile technology era, as users increasingly turn from desktop to mobile-based solutions. Workers today don’t just prefer access to services on smartphones and tablets; they expect it, especially when that access benefits critical job functions or provides metrics that enable a better customer experience. Fortunately, cloud computing is designed for mobile.

Sales representatives, in particular, benefit greatly from mobile access. If a rep wants to place sales orders, access customer buying history or update a CRM record on the road, they no longer need to call, fax or email the home office. The cloud allows them to input data directly from their mobile device, as well as retrieve important data that could affect the sale.


If your organization needs to reduce IT expenses, implement a more flexible system or improve mobility, cloud ERP software solution represent the best choice available. If you’re not sure how to align the technology with your objectives, think about finding an experienced partner who is capable of selecting an optimal solution based on your needs.

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