Small Businesses: Move to ERP Faster by Riding the Cloud

Are you longing for an ERP system to automate your business financials and straighten out the tangles? You’d love to upgrade, but how can your company handle the server and other hardware expenses? Plus the cost of the larger IT staff you’ll need to run it? And what if you are locked into an expensive system that will not adapt well to your growth or business fluctuations?

Your reasons for hesitation may be lack of information. Cloud ERP solutions are not just for big corporations. They actually make it easier for small businesses to make the leap to modern automated accounting.

Take cost for example—instead of a large upfront capital investment in software and hardware, most cloud clients pay a monthly subscription. And because you won’t need a large IT staff to service your servers, your costs are further reduced.

Then there’s flexibility—whether your company is just starting or expanding, the flexibility of cloud ERP is ideal, because you can use a basic setup at first, and expand as you grow. You can also adjust user numbers and applications as your needs change.

What about updates? No more updating. The cloud service takes care of them. Worried about the learning curve for your staff? Some systems are fully integrated with MS Office and Outlook, making the switch user friendly.

Learn more about these and other ways that a cloud-based ERP system can help your business in this white paper, 35 Questions Every CFO Needs to Ask About ERP Software In the Cloud. The answers provide a clear view of what a cloud ERP solution can do for your company.

Download the white paper.

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