Top 5 Reasons to Purchase NetSuite from a LOCAL partner

Why Buy NetSuite from a Local Partner? It's a great question, because to be quite honest you can buy NetSuite directly from NetSuite. But, that's where it ends. You buy it and basically you're on your own. No training. No tips and tricks. No LOCAL service. And oh, by the way, no donuts.

Now you might ask, what's up with the donuts? Well, if you buy NetSuite directly, you're speaking with a voice at a telemarketing center which could be in Timbuktu for all you know. And trust me, they're not coming to your office, they're not meeting with you face-to-face, and they surely aren't delivering donuts.

Here are my top 5 reasons for purchasing NetSuite from a LOCAL partner:

1) Altico Advisors will make sure that YOUR NetSuite implementation fits YOUR business
2) Altico Advisors is within driving distance of YOUR offices
3) The Altico Advisors NetSuite team enjoys face-to-face meetings with clients
4) We are in the business of understanding YOUR unique business requirements
5) When you go LOCAL, you get LOCAL services, support and training (from the friendly folks at Altico Advisors!)

And then there are the donuts. Yum.

By Jim Moschitto,Altico Advisors, Your local NetSuite Partner serving Massachusetts and beyond.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons to Purchase NetSuite from a LOCAL partner”

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  2. Good post!!Local partners will definitely helps in implementing netsuite and provide its’s good to purchase netsuite from local partners.

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