35 Questions Every CFO Needs to Ask About ERP Software In the Cloud

As you know, taking your business to the cloud is a serious, important decision—you don’t need fluff to help you make it. You need solid information. But once you have more than a hazy idea of what the cloud involves, what do you do next? How do you dig deeper? Go ask a vendor?

A wise car buyer wouldn’t dream of entering a dealership without  getting as much information as possible on the kind of car he wants first. The same when it comes to ERP software vendors. You will eventually need to consult with vendors of course, but you can learn a lot more before that step by gathering information from quality blog sites like this one. Information that will not only help you know if the cloud is right for you, but also what to ask those prospective vendors.

If you just have a question or two, you can search the site for a specific blog on the subject. However, if you want more than that, you can find it in this comprehensive collection of questions (and answers) on cloud computing:

Download the white paper: 35 Questions Every CFO Needs to Ask About ERP Software In the Cloud

It has the information you’re looking for all in one place. If you are fairly new to cloud computing, the paper gives a clear explanation of the basics. Then there are the 35 questions, which answer probably every concern you have about moving your business to the cloud.

There are tough questions on such things as data security and if the internet goes down. Also complex ones that cover licensing requirements, compliance with industry regulations, and other vital issues. All with detailed, yet easy to understand answers, plus suggestions on what you should ask your vendor.

Download the white paper.

With that knowledge under your belt, you may be like that car buyer—ready to approach vendors for the next step.

Find a Cloud ERP Vendor here: https://erpsoftwareblog.com/cloud/members/list-state/

by ERP Cloud Editors, www.erpsoftwareblog.com/cloud

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