NetSuite Release 2015.1 Review

Interesting Elements from a NetSuite Professional

NetSuite is rolling out the first installment of their semiannual release. Upgrades will naturally deploy for users of the cloud-based business management solution. NetSuite's objective is to improve efficiency and keep clients current with little hassle.


Being that BCG Systems is a NetSuite Partner, we are tuned in to this framework and how it benefits our customers. Here is a rundown of what we discovered to be interesting and useful with this new release:

NetSuite Release 2015.1 Features

  • NetSuite for Android – The appearance of the NetSuite application for Android provides a way to log expense reports and time tracking abilities from the ease of a mobile device. This application will ultimately advance to be equivalent to the iPhone application.
  • Email Capture Plug-In – Utilize SuiteScript with the Email Capture Plug-In to have customized procedures for automating the creation of statements, task creation and assignment, or program escalations for instance.
  • NetSuite for iPhone – This latest overhaul to the iPhone application includes full backing of SuiteFlow, Item Fulfillment, Customer Deposit, Deposit, Return Authorization, and Requisitions.
  • Vendor Records Shared with Multiple Subsidies – When utilizing OneWorld, vendor records can now be appointed a primary subsidiary in addition to an unlimited number of secondary subsidiaries. This is useful when numerous subsidiaries utilize the same vendor. Before, a different vendor master record had to be created for each subsidiary.
  • Custom GL Lines Plug-In – This feature makes possible the ability to create custom solutions that can affect the general ledger both for standard and custom transactions. Custom lines can be added to the GL impact of transaction records to support particular prerequisites. This adds a great flexibility that was not previously available!
  • Request for Quote – A Request for Quote (RFQ) can now be utilized to streamline the procurement process by asking vendors to provide their prices, terms, and conditions for their items. Compare the quotes from numerous vendors to pick which best fits the organization's requirements. NetSuite will then prepare purchase contracts from the RFQ for the chosen vendor.
  • Matrix Assemblies – The new feature aids when configuring assembly items for product-based business. This is ideal for organizations that offer configuration choices for assembled items.
  • Capture Credit Card Payments on Sales Orders Prior to Order Fulfillment – Credit card payments can be acquired on sales orders instantly without putting a hold on the cardholder's funds. This permits the funds to be secured before the order is fulfilled. At the point when the order is saved, the funds are connected to it as a customer deposit.
  • Projects – Improvements to the Projects feature includes: Bulk Project Task Reassignment, Resource Allocations Now Integrate with the NetSuite Calendar, Project Charges Forecast Report, Project Charges Forecast with Resource Allocations, Project Profitability Reports Using Revenue Commitments, Resource Allocation Grid, and Project Task Manager Enhancements
  • Workflow Templates – SuiteFlow administrators and developers can rapidly learn and design workflows utilizing existing templates. Depending on the business process requirements, the templates can be tweaked just like any manually created workflow could be. A few of the included templates are:
    • Purchase Contract Approval Workflow – An effective way to manage the purchase contract approval process. Included in the Advanced Procurement Approvals SuiteApp and adaptable to fit the client's business requirements.
    • Blanket Purchase Order Approval Workflow – Allows the acceptance and automatic routing of blanket purchase orders to be approved based on client set approval limits. Accessible in the NetSuite Approvals Workflow SuiteApp and adaptable to fit the client's business requirements.
    • Invoice Approval Workflow – Determines the requirement for supervisor approval on an invoice before issuing to customer. Included in the NetSuite Approvals Workflows SuiteApp.

We could carry on with all the new features and enhancements NetSuite is executing in 2015.1; these are only a couple we believed were worth mention. If you have any questions or would like more information on the NetSuite 2015.1 upgrades, get in touch with us and talk with one of our specialsts. To learn more about NetSuite and the NetSuite ERP Platform, take a NetSuite Product Tour:

By: Mark Goodson, President at BCG Systems, Inc.


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