Enhance Your Business with NetSuite Online Forms

Who hasn't filled out an online form on a company’s website to gain additional information on their product or service? But how often do we actually receive a quick response, or even a response at all from our inquiry?

For some clients of NetSuite – a complete and scalable online business management suite that covers your whole business – the power of the Online Forms functionality is not being used to its potential. This suggests that leads are becoming lost, much like our personal inquiries.

And how about the paper forms that are filled out and afterward someone needs to key the data into another system? Why not make an online structure and let the client enter the data directly into NetSuite?

Basic NetSuite Online Forms Features

Despite the fact that Online Forms has been an ability of NetSuite for a long while, in my experience assisting NetSuite users, I've noticed that the functionality is underutilized regularly when employed. What do I mean by this? Out of the box, NetSuite's Online Forms can:

  • Add fields and basic validation, however the display is plain and you are restricted to showing NetSuite-only information.
  • Choose a font and font size, as well as arrange the fields to your liking. A simple header and footer can be included.
  • Native forms can be linked to and from your site, or in an email (accessible with and without a NetSuite login).form 1

Although, you can customize these forms utilizing HTML, JavaScript and JQuery, you can make exceptionally alluring and useful online forms that will prove to be more beneficial. In the course of recent months, I've helped users update their online forms including these applications:

  • Customizing the online forms to resemble their brand
  • Expansion of on-the-fly calculations and validations
  • Addition of spinners, accordions and other interactive components to show and/or request information in a compelling way
  • Adding the capacity to show and communicate with data from other line-of-business applications outside of NetSuite


Today, numerous NetSuite clients are still contacting customers and contacts to acquire important lead data and rekeying data from paper-based forms. By customizing the online forms and actually embedding them into their current sites, when a prospect finishes a form, the lead information and other basic data populates NetSuite CRM continuously and can route directly to a specific sales representative. Leads are uncovered right away and access to detailed information is instant.

Key Benefits of NetSuite Customized Online Forms

  • Catch leads from your site and populate CRM right away
  • Convey marketing leads to the right sales person rapidly and efficiently with a powerful routing engine
  • Engage deals to react quickly by giving detailed data, increasing conversion effectiveness
  • Gather custom data in a self-service manner and eliminate the extra step of entering data from paper forms

If you are interested in how you can move past customary online forms in NetSuite, BCG Systems’ knowledgeable team of NetSuite consultants can offer assistance. Contact us today to get the ball rolling and learn the benefits of online forms. Take a look at how different organizations are discovering ERP success with NetSuite: http://www.bcgsystems.com/resources/success-stories/netsuite

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