Deployment Options Reviewed in CFO’s Guide to ERP Software in the Cloud- Infographic

You know exactly where you are going for vacation. Your choice on how to go, to drive or fly, may seem easy. Fly—it’s faster. Well…that depends on what you need, doesn’t it? How far are you going? What is your budget?

The same is true when it comes to choosing how to deploy your ERP system. What seems easy may prove to be problematic. The no-brainer choice—the speed of access to cloud data for example, may seem easy—unless the internet is down.

And then there are choices within the choices, such as non-stop or direct flights, red-eye or daytime. With ERP, besides choosing between on-premises and cloud deployments, there are also SaaS, hosted and other options within that choice.

The infographic “CFO’s Guide to ERP Software in the Cloud” cuts through all that muddle by arranging the key points for each kind of system in an easy-to-compare format. System types are briefly explained, and the benefits and costs of each are listed for easy comparison.

Find out which system deployment has the highest five-year total cost, and at least three reasons some companies should consider using it anyway. Are newer and smaller companies more or less likely to use the cloud? What is the cost-breakdown for each kind of system? Get the answers and simplify your deployment choices by downloading the “CFO’s Guide to ERP Software in the Cloud” infographic.

INFOGRAPHIC - Cloud ERP Deployment Options

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