Ten Questions To Ask About Cloud Computing

Everybody's talking about cloud computing, and thousands of businesses have already adopted this cutting edge way of managing their data. Pay-as-you-go vs the cost of installing on-site, unlimited access from anywhere, and no IT infrastructure to maintain—these are all features that really can save your company money and improve productivity.

Some businesses have been deterred from moving to the cloud though because of concerns about the safety and privacy of their data. They also worry about what will happen if their vendor goes out of business. Though valid concerns, these potential problems can be avoided by asking prospective vendors the right questions before changing to the cloud.

So, if you are thinking of moving your business towards cloud computing, there are key questions you need to ask before committing. For example, questions about the concerns above: your data will be in the hands of a third party, so what about its safety and privacy? And what does happen if the vendor goes bankrupt? That can severely disrupt your business, so how can you assess a vendor's long-term reliability? You will need to customize the programs to your specific needs—is that even possible, and how easy is it to do?  What happens if you stop your subscription to a system? Analyzing the answers to such questions can help you choose the perfect vendor and system for your company.

The white paper “Ten Questions to Ask About Cloud Computing” gives you a closer look at what cloud applications can do for your business, as well as key questions to ask before changing to the cloud, and why each questions is important.

To find out more about the benefits of changing to the cloud, and to make sure you ask all the right questions, download the white paper Ten Questions to Ask About Cloud Computing.


Download the white paper.


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