Technology Adoption Profile: Cloud-based ERP Expectations and Concerns of Small to Midsize Businesses

Until recently, many midrange businesses thought of modern ERP solutions as the stuff of major corporations and their sizable financial departments. If that has been your view about your business, you may be surprised to learn from a recent Forrester Research survey that many companies like yours are already using some form of ERP software, and they plan to double their use of cloud-based services.

The survey also covered the reasons software decision-makers switched to cloud-based ERP systems, the benefits, the features they consider essential, and the less-important features they would like to have. One of the primary reasons stated for taking their business to the cloud was to reduce overall costs. Ease of access was a key must-have feature; the most-mentioned optional feature they would like to have is customizable reports. Of the benefits, one of the most appreciated was how quickly their ERP system was implemented and ready to deploy.

The respondents did have some concerns they wanted addressed before making their decisions of course; the dominant one for most was cost. For example, they are looking for ways to reduce the cost of their IT infrastructure on premises, and they are concerned about the cost of adding user licenses to cloud subscriptions as their staff increases. Among the other issues reported, over half related to security and privacy, and almost as many to being locked into a single vendor.

Do you recognize your company in the views expressed in this survey? Find out more reasons why so many businesses like yours are moving to the cloud, and examine the rest of their opinions in the Forrester Research report, Cloud ERP: An Adaptable, Consumable, and Flexible Option for Medium-Size Businesses, commissioned by Acumatica.

Download the white paper.

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