Mobile Survey of Senior Executives Shows How the Cloud Can Work for You

Growth in remote use of mobile devices is driving more businesses to the cloud for its easier access to data and simpler management of IT needs. But most are not taking full advantage of the cloud's capabilities. Is that true for your business?

Whether you are just beginning to climb onto the cloud platform or are already there but would like ideas on how to maximize your use of it, you have an opportunity to learn from the experts.

200 senior executives of large corporations across the globe that have cloud experience were surveyed regarding a range of cloud-based activities. The results provide insights into the workings of cloud platforms and how to maximize their benefits for your company or organization.

For a full report of the survey research and its results, along with summaries of executive interviews from four large corporations, download the white paper, Unleashing the Cloud—Putting Mobility to Work, issued by Oxford Economics in collaboration with SAP. What you learn from the collected expertise can help drive your cloud-based goals.

Download the white paper.

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