Does Cloud-based Computing Really Bring the Benefits it Promises?

Building Business Case imageIf you are still unsure about transferring your financials to a cloud-based system, interviews with CFOs and case studies of the success that their companies have had with their cloud systems may convince you.


Before your business leaps to the cloud, it's only natural to wonder how others are making out. The hype is there, the advantages seem compelling, but what is actually happening with companies who have switched over? Are they reaping the tangible benefits that they were expecting?


To help answer that question, four CFOs from large companies were interviewed about the long-term results for their organizations from using the cloud. Though the businesses are widely different, all four executives were convinced that the outcome for their companies has more than justified the switch.


One major benefit was the transformation of their finance functions from only historical to supporting future decisions. The data still tells what happened of course, but now with easy access to it across the company, financials can also underpin sound decisions.


You can read the complete report of the interviews in the FERF/Intacct white paper, Building the Business Case for Cloud Computing.The report also includes detailed case studies of how the four companies maximize their benefits from the cloud.


See for yourself the growing case for cloud-based computing. Download the white paper here.


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