4 ERP Management System Drawbacks that Cloud ERP Can Solve

Every business wants to stay competitive, and modernizing its software applications is an important way to do that. If your business is still using old manual methods or trying to limp along on Office-suite components, have you considered upgrading to a modern ERP software solution?

The sooner you do so, the better your position for growth. If you are thinking that the high cost of an on-site system just won't fit your budget, it can now—if you turn to the cloud. Thousands of businesses already have, because cloud-based financial management systems are ideal for growing companies.

So what are the advantages to running your system from the cloud? To answer, let's take a closer look at the cost of on-site systems vs the cloud, and examine three other common drawbacks to on site installations that the cloud can help resolve:

  • Cost. The up-front cost of installing expensive software and hardware for the system on site can be prohibitive. With cloud systems customers typically subscribe to a professional IT service, paying as they go and only for services they really need.
  • Customization. Depending on complexity, customization for on-site systems can add considerable time and expense. Not only is this done more easily online, but changes are available right away for all to see.
  • Implementation. This process can seem endless, as set-ups for hardware, the systems to run them, and security have to be repeated in each office. For cloud-based systems, IT professionals thoroughly familiar with the software take care of all that, making implementation easier and faster.
  • Obsolescence. The lengthy times required for customizing and installing systems on site can cause the software to be out of date by the time it is ready, because by then the organization may have changed. Setting up on the cloud is simpler and faster.

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