Project Management

SimCrest, Inc.'s Logo Things to Consider when Choosing a Software Reseller

The choice of a VAR (value added reseller) to assist with your software implementation is just as important as the choice of software itself. With an ERP implementation, the cost […]

SimCrest, Inc.'s Logo Considering Looking into PMP

Considering looking into PMP?  Skeptical of certifications?  Well, let me share with you my recent experience with PMP. I have always been very skeptical about certifications in general knowledge areas.  […]

SimCrest, Inc.'s Logo Implementing Quality Management in IT Projects

Quality Management is an important knowledge area and is concerned with “the degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfill requirements”. What does this mean? It means that based […]

SimCrest, Inc.'s Logo So What is Scrum All About?

If you work with software development or project management, you may have heard about Scrum, but do you know exactly what it's all about? If not, this article is just […]

Innovations-4-Industry's Logo The Importance of Vetting ERP Service Providers: A Comprehensive Guide

The Crucial Role of ERP Service Providers in Project Success Embarking on an ERP implementation is a significant step for any organization, but it's not just about choosing the right […]

Bluefort's Logo Asset-Based Subscriptions with Maintenance as a Service: A New Model for Equipment Providers

Equipment providers are constantly seeking innovative ways to drive revenue and deliver enhanced value to their customers. Among the latest trends, asset-based subscriptions with maintenance-as-a-service have emerged as a comprehensive […]

GP Support North's Logo The Role Change Management Plays within Your Dynamics GP Project

As Change Agents, Finance Leaders are commonly in a position of authority and influence and can help to communicate and quantify the value of the proposed changes to the organization.  Beyond the business value, change management also looks at the 'human side" of the equation and specifically with a focus on user perceptions to improve their adoption.

JOVACO Solutions's Logo Le secret pour livrer vos projets dans les délais et budgets entendus : un ERP de gestion par projet pour les services professionnels

Les firmes de services professionnels doivent livrer leurs projets dans les délais et budgets entendus, et en respecter l’étendue. Mais de nombreuses composantes et des circonstances imprévisibles peuvent vous rendre […]

Bluefort's Logo Say Goodbye to managing entitlements manually when using D365 Project Operations

The Power of Automated Project Subscriptions: Streamlining Operations, Improving Customer Experience, and More As businesses look to transform to recurring revenue streams, subscription-based models have become increasingly popular. Companies are […]

JOVACO Solutions's Logo The secret to delivering projects on time, on budget, and within scope: a project-based ERP for professional services

Professional services firms need to deliver projects on time, on budget, and within scope. But with so many moving parts and unpredictable circumstances, it can feel like a never-ending balancing […]


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