ERP Horror Stories

's Logo VIDEO: From On-Premises ERP Horror Story to Cloud Success - A Manufacturer's Journey

In today's digital landscape, the transition from legacy systems to cloud-based solutions is not just a matter of convenience—it's a critical step in safeguarding against catastrophic events like ransomware attacks. […]

's Logo ERP Horror Story Interview January 30: Ransomware Attack Cripples Manufacturer’s On-Premise ERP System

First a failed migration. Then, a cyberattack. This mid-sized manufacturing/distribution company was unable to access its data, and operations stopped. No ability to invoice, ship, or pay vendors for weeks, […]

's Logo ERP Horror Stories: Saving a Business Paralyzed by a Neglected Dynamics GP System

Find out what happened when a company’s Dynamics GP system had become weighed down with lapsed third-party tools, undocumented customizations, a bird’s nest of haphazard configurations, and a poorly designed […]

's Logo ERP Horror Stories: How a Manufacturer Failed an FDA Audit and Lost $600M in Valuation in a Day

Manufacturers in regulated industries face stringent regulations, with compliance often being a matter of significant consequence. These regulations are not just bureaucratic hurdles; they're designed to ensure safety, quality, and […]


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