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Versapay's Logo Masterclass - It Takes Two to Fintech: The Growing Need for CFO and CIO Collaboration in Digital Transformation

Our team at Versapay is excited to kick off the New Year with the latest installment in our Finance & Accounting Masterclass: The Digital Shift series "It Takes Two to […]

Versapay's Logo Transitioning your B2B Customers to Digital Payment Methods – Part 3

In this three-part series, we've considered the issues surrounding the use of paper checks and explored the alternatives. In part three, we'll offer suggestions for transitioning your B2B (Business to […]

Versapay's Logo Digital Payment Methods – Transitioning your B2B Customers Part 2

In Part 1 of this three-part series, we did our best to convince you that paper checks are quickly becoming obsolete. Many businesses see the wisdom of transitioning to digital […]

Versapay's Logo Digital Payment Methods – Transitioning Your B2B Customers Part 1

Fewer and fewer consumers are paying by check, but many businesses continue to do so. In this three-part series, let's consider the issues surrounding the use of paper checks, explore […]

Versapay's Logo Simplify Your Accounts Receivable with Smart Payments

Accounting for B2B (Business to Business) payment transactions can be a chore. Payments received must be matched with accounts and amounts due. This would be easy if all payments came […]

Versapay's Logo Versapay ChargeLogic for Microsoft Dynamics Payment Solution

    Versapay ChargeLogic for Microsoft Dynamics Payment Solution provides everything you need to easily process and automate payments and invoices from right within your Microsoft Dynamics ERP. This integrated […]

Versapay's Logo Offering Flexible Payment Methods for B2B Transactions

Today’s B2B (Business to Business) customers have so many choices. They know that if one company doesn’t offer what they want, they can easily shop around. Not only do customers […]

Versapay's Logo Interchange Optimization: Key to Reducing Credit Card Processing Fees

It’s essential for sellers and service providers to offer customers various payment options. It will accommodate the customer, and their business will boost your income.  That’s a win for everyone. […]

Versapay's Logo How the Post-Sale Experience is Changing and How Finance Teams Can Prepare Themselves 

With COVID-19 having pushed even the most digital-averse businesses to embrace technology, the fundamental course of how B2Bs conduct business will change dramatically over the next few years.  In this […]

Versapay's Logo Accounts Receivable For Microsoft Business Central from Versapay

The seamless integration of Versapay’s ARC and ChargeLogic solutions with Microsoft Business Central gives your accounts receivable team better visibility into the health of your AR and a streamlined invoicing […]


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