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Sunrise Technologies's Logo Should You Customize Your New ERP Software Solution?

Are you contemplating upgrading or purchasing a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for your business? Wouldn’t it be great to have one that, right out of the box, did […]

Sunrise Technologies's Logo Intelligent Numbering: A Good Idea?

Do product numbers with contextual meaning really add anything valuable to your master data? For businesses selling products, how they set up that data in ERP systems matters quite a […]

Sunrise Technologies's Logo Manufacturers and Consumer Brands, Let’s Simplify Season Codes

A lot of consumer brand companies and manufacturers deal with seasonal products. Keeping up with trends and demand, they may want to stock these products only for certain months of […]

Sunrise Technologies's Logo Strategies for Keeping Up with Continuous ERP Updates

Don’t you love the way the Cloud provides for continuous updating of your business apps? Remember when you used to have to disrupt business every five or six years to […]

Sunrise Technologies's Logo Virtual Warehouses: How Many Are Too Many?

As a consultant meeting with prospective manufacturing business clients, the first thing I want to examine is the data structures in their current ERP system. Often, the data structures and […]

Sunrise Technologies's Logo Best Practices for Product Attributes when Deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365

Your product is the lynchpin of your manufacturing business and supply chain processes. Without a product, you’d have no business. Managing your product includes all aspects of your business processes: […]

Sunrise Technologies's Logo Need a New ERP? What Is the Cost of Doing Nothing?

Unless you are a very unusual business owner, you’re probably quite concerned about costs. After all, most organizations are in business to make money and retain their position in the […]

Sunrise Technologies's Logo PLM and ERP, What’s the Best Approach for Your Consumer Brand or Manufacturing Company?

Companies that design, source, and manufacture products often need both PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). These software solutions are critical to handling their business processes. The […]

Sunrise Technologies's Logo Dynamics 365 First Look

It’s hard to believe, but Summit is only a few short days away! While Summit has always been a key event for anyone involved in the Dynamics community, this year […]

Sunrise Technologies's Logo Top Three Questions to Ask Yourself When Forecasting

Leaders and planners at consumer brand companies who manufacture, source, and/or retail products all want to know: When forecasts are not always accurate, how do you hedge your bets? This […]


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