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Perimeter Business Solutions's Logo Give Customers Everything They Want This Year with Integrated ERP and CRM

Every business strives to provide superior customer service.  After all, impressing the customer with high-quality products and personalized service is important to developing long-term relationships.  However, providing great customer service […]

Perimeter Business Solutions's Logo You’ve Watered The Flowers, Now Watch Them Grow

After hiring the experts you need to represent your business and finding high-quality products for customers, you are on the road to success.  However, new challenges often come with newfound […]

Perimeter Business Solutions's Logo What is The Risk of Implementing ERP Software?

During discussions with our customers, we get a lot of questions about the risks of implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.  We hear about concerns with costs, how one […]

Perimeter Business Solutions's Logo Is it Time for a Tune-Up or a Complete Overhaul?

When you hear a strange clinking sound in your engine, you know something may be wrong with your car.  Unless you are a mechanic, you may not know whether you […]

Perimeter Business Solutions's Logo The Secret to Supply Chain Innovation

The emergence of numerous technological breakthroughs in the supply-chain industry, including cloud-based management, is changing the way companies do business.  To stay competitive, companies must adapt to these changes and […]

Perimeter Business Solutions's Logo The #1 Step to Selecting ERP Software

You may have outgrown basic accounting software or are looking to make a switch out of burdensome legacy business management solutions, but for whatever the reason, before you choose your […]

Perimeter Business Solutions's Logo To Integrate or Not to Integrate- That is the Question

When considering a business software change, the question of integration often comes up.  Integration is used to describe the process of connecting separate software programs or as a description of an […]

Perimeter Business Solutions's Logo Arming Your Supply Chain with the Right Tools

As interest continues to grow in building a real-time supply chain, many executives are interested in improving analytics capabilities as well.  Creating more accurate forecasts sometimes seems like a moving […]

Perimeter Business Solutions's Logo You Need Money To Make Money

Cash is king, as we’ve been told, and this theory is just as relevant today as it was yesterday.  Having a positive, healthy cash flow gives us room to respond […]

Perimeter Business Solutions's Logo Widen Those Annoying Bottlenecks with ERP Software

If you have experienced bottlenecks, then you know first-hand the delays that prevent you from completing one task and starting another.  Any type of delay is a waste of time […]


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