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NAVEKSA A/S's Logo MES system integrated QA/QC reporting for your Dynamics NAV

Quality assurance and 100% documented process control through all production stages in a manufacturing company becomes more and more important. In fact a customer demand in many places. Most quality […]

NAVEKSA A/S's Logo Integrating the CAD/PDM/PLM system into the Business system

    Subtitle: The story of the missing link - Connecting CAD to the Business system. The challenge of making an electronic connection between the CAD and the Business system (ERP), started […]

NAVEKSA A/S's Logo Small and medium sized manufacturing companies get IT beaten up by competition.

According to more industry interest groups, they are lagged behind in the race to invest in IT solutions and new technology. Some companies are well underway utilizing new IT-technology, and […]

NAVEKSA A/S's Logo Why shall I consider a NAVEKSA solution for manufacturing and trade on top of Dynamics NAV? Get some answers here.

In the document link "read more here" below you will find a description of 17 individual business tasks divided into functional areas, including inspiration for using a NAVEKSA solution in production engineering, […]

NAVEKSA A/S's Logo At NAVEKSA we have developed 16 functions and features explained videos on using one or more of our solutions.

So, if you work with Dynamics NAV in production engineering, logistics or production, you should be able to pick up a few good ideas on improving your daily work.

NAVEKSA A/S's Logo QUEUES are Inevitable - But You Can Learn to Manage Them - At Least Your Own.

  Written for all people interested in the subject, but primarily for people working with manufacturing execution.  Queues (-or waiting lines) in every shade is a strange phenomenon. Whether we […]

NAVEKSA A/S's Logo Connecting CAD to ERP (Dynamics NAV)

The challenge of making an electronic connection between the CAD and the ERP system, started back in the old days, when among others, IBM introduced solutions for the CIM – […]

NAVEKSA A/S's Logo Manufacturing Execution with Dynamics NAV and SHOPFLOOR

When it comes to manufacturing execution in Dynamics NAV there is not much help in the standard application for the shop floor operators. In the company using standard NAV, the operator will probably […]

NAVEKSA A/S's Logo A Wake-up Call - A Game Changer Is on the Way

I am aware that my writing can elicit a number of different views and opinions. Anyway, I believe I am on the right track in relation to the upcoming software-as-a-service IT-world […]

NAVEKSA A/S's Logo Improve Your Manufacturing Operations with Dynamics NAV and a NAVEKSA Solution

Looking for standard bolt-on manufacturing solutions to your Dynamics NAV? NAVEKSA delivers Microsoft certified  standard solutions for the connection to your CAD system, Item availability planning and simulation, Shop floor planning, execution and […]


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