Articles By: Citrin Cooperman

Citrin Cooperman's Logo New Year, New Focus: Follow MIBAR for All the Latest

Can you believe 2017 has already come and gone? It felt like just yesterday that winter melted into spring, and spring turned into summer, but here we are. Another January. […]

Citrin Cooperman's Logo Strengthen The Supply Chain Now, Be Ready For Holiday Season Later

For most people, the holiday season is too many months away to even consider. However, for retailers and distributors, it’s time to put the finishing touches on strategic plans for […]

Citrin Cooperman's Logo Why Be Reactive, When You Can Take a Proactive Stance With Your Business

As you well know, business leaders need quick access to reliable data in order make the prudent, data-driven decisions that support business processes. In this digital era, it’s necessary for […]

Citrin Cooperman's Logo Improving Finances Is Easier Said and Easier Done

Manufacturers and distributors know how important strong financial management is to their success.  Many business owners and chief financial officers can visualize the dollars and cents that flow thorough the […]

Citrin Cooperman's Logo Tighten The Connection Between Suppliers & Manufacturing To Satisfy Customers

A strong supply chain is a critical element for successful manufacturers and distributors. Scheduling production requires inventory control and satisfying customers requires insight into production and warehouse operations. Disconnected systems […]

Citrin Cooperman's Logo Small Businesses With Big Customers Can Experience Huge Complications

In this digital era, many small businesses are able to keep up with larger competitors by offering high-quality products and services at reasonable prices. Small manufacturers and distributors can also […]

Citrin Cooperman's Logo ERP Consulting Fraud: Watch for the Warning Signs

A good conman can have you eating out of the palm of his hand and believing that he is the savior for all of your company's woes. TV shows like […]

Citrin Cooperman's Logo Forrester Analyst Offers Insight on Midmarket ERP Software

It is a mistake to assume that ERP is a one size fits all affair. Many enterprise resource planning systems are undoubtedly for enterprises. For small to medium sized businesses […]

Citrin Cooperman's Logo 8 Tips for Avoiding ERP Selection Failure: Part 2

Many ERP implementations begin long before the software is ever installed on any servers. In Part 1 of this series, we looked at some of the ways companies fail in […]

Citrin Cooperman's Logo 8 Tips for Avoiding ERP Selection Failure: Part 1

The web is filled with articles, videos, white papers and even full-length books about ERP selection and implementation. Many ERP experts have spelled out the steps to ERP success in […]


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