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Mekorma's Logo Revolutionizing Microsoft Dynamics Accounts Payable in Senior Living Management

Overcoming the Hurdles of Manual Payment Processes A prominent operator of senior living facilities in the US found itself grappling with the inefficiencies of manual check processing. Spanning over 100 […]

Mekorma's Logo Maximize Financial Performance: The Ultimate CFO Guide to AP Automation

Today, a successful Chief Financial Officer (CFO) must possess a versatile skill set that extends far beyond traditional financial expertise. Strategic decision-making, risk management, and effective stakeholder relations are now […]

Mekorma's Logo Revolutionizing Finance: The New Age of Accounts Payable Automation

In the dynamic world of finance, Accounts Payable (AP) departments are leading the charge towards innovation and efficiency. This brief explores the emerging trends and technologies propelling AP into the […]

Mekorma's Logo Mekorma Achieves Microsoft Solutions Partner Status

[Boulder, CO, February 5, 2023] – Mekorma, a renowned leader in providing innovative accounts payable automation solutions, is proud to announce its latest milestone: achieving the status of Microsoft Solutions Partner […]

Mekorma's Logo Navigating the Cloud Transition: Migrating AP from Microsoft Dynamics GP to D365 Business Central

In the dynamic landscape of business technology, migrating to cloud-based systems is more than a trend; it's a strategic move. This is especially true for financial operations. If your business […]

Mekorma's Logo Enhance Microsoft D365 Business Central with Electronic Signatures for Check Payments

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) offers essential financial management features, including standard MICR check printing with signatures. However, Mekorma Electronic Signatures significantly enhances the process, providing more flexibility and […]

Mekorma's Logo An Antidote to Payment Fraud: AP Payment Outsourcing for Microsoft D365 Business Central and Dynamics GP

Checks have always been the easiest and most likely target for B2B payment fraud. In 2023, the instance of check fraud is rising so rapidly that the US Postal Service […]

Mekorma's Logo Mastering MICR Fonts in Microsoft D365 Business Central

If your organization plans to print checks using Business Central, creating custom report layouts is likely a crucial step. And when it comes to MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) fonts, […]

Mekorma's Logo Eliminate Printing Checks: In-House ACH vs. Third-Party Services with Dynamics ERP

One of the first chores your AP department may want to tackle with digital transformation is to eliminate printing checks. But then, how will you handle payments? There are options, […]

Mekorma's Logo 4 Ways Mekorma's Remote Payment Services and Dynamics 365 Prevents Accounts Payable Fraud

Accounts Payable professionals have many things to worry about, and payment fraud is number one. It's probably inevitable. Fraudsters know where the money is and are becoming cleverer and more […]


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