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KTL Solutions's Logo Migrate Before an Attack Occurs

In this first half of 2019, we have completed several “emergency” Office 365 migrations. Some of these were existing customers and some were completely new customers that came to us […]

KTL Solutions's Logo Modifying, Crediting, or Voiding Sales Invoices in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Invoices entered in Microsoft Dynamics GP may require modifications that need to be addressed.  Those modifications may be altering posted information, issuing a credit to record the invoice and reversing […]

KTL Solutions's Logo New Features Coming for Microsoft PowerApps in 2019

Many new features are coming for Microsoft PowerApps in 2019, most of which will be available with the April 2019 release of Dynamics 365.  For those unfamiliar, PowerApps is a suite of […]

KTL Solutions's Logo An Overview of ML.Net

ML.NET makes machine learning accessible to the .NET developer community. Up until now, the machine learning space has been dominated by other languages such as Python and C++. With ML.NET, […]

KTL Solutions's Logo Resort to Logging – for When Things Go South

In an ideal world, software is completely “bug-free,” and unicorns come in a variety of colors. A good software should be resilient to occasional meltdowns. Goals should be to keep the […]

KTL Solutions's Logo How a Bookkeeper Can Use Dynamics 365 Business Central

In this video and blog, we’ll explore how a bookkeeper can use Dynamics 365 Business Central to reduce learning time, reduce data entry time, and improve control of data so […]

KTL Solutions's Logo How to do NEG Pay Adjustment to Paychecks in Dynamics GP

When using PTE for timesheets, once a timesheet is approved you cannot make changes to it. However, you can make an adjustment to a timesheet and reference the original timesheet. […]

KTL Solutions's Logo Highlighting the Popular New Features of GP 2016

With year-end procedures in full gear, Microsoft has released Dynamics GP 2016 R2, the latest in the Dynamics GP series. This year, they’ve done something a little bit different by […]

KTL Solutions's Logo New Features in PaperSave 6.x

In this month’s blog, I wanted to highlight the new features available in PaperSave version 6.x. PaperSave 6 SP1 New Features IMPLEMENT DRAG & DROP IN VARIOUS PAPERSAVE WEB FORMS […]

KTL Solutions's Logo Save a Tree: Tools to Go Paperless

It is almost that time of year again for KTL Solutions to host its annual Mid-Atlantic Technology User Conference, “Empower the User”.  This will be our eleventh annual user conference […]


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