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SSi Consulting 's Logo Heads Up On Microsoft Plans for 2013

Microsoft held their annual reseller conference in Toronto in early July, 2012.    With over 16,000 attendees from 153 countries, the Microsoft Ecosystem is alive and thriving.   Microsoft built their business […]

SSi Consulting 's Logo Why Your Business Should Consider Business Management Software in the Cloud

Cloud computing is here to stay.  Regardless of size or industry, businesses are making the cloud their choice.  And it isn’t only first-time ERP users choosing the cloud, but many […]

SSi Consulting 's Logo Avoiding the Five Accounting Mistakes Made by Government Contractors

With complex demands and oft-changing contract and accounting regulations, government contracting work can be a headache.  And with today’s heightened awareness about how taxpayers’ money is spent, the regulations and […]

SSi Consulting 's Logo Inventory, Time, Cost and Microsoft Dynamics GP

Time is money.  Inventory is time and money.  And time and money are not to be wasted in the world of distribution and warehousing.  What many organizations fail to realize […]

SSi Consulting 's Logo Microsoft Dynamics SL and the 4 Stages of Project Management

For the project-driven company, the details of each job are unique.  However, the methodology to approaching each project remains consistent. There are several prescriptive and essential steps a project-based company […]

SSi Consulting 's Logo The Meaning of ERP Software: Is Technology Powering Your Business?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is defined as a system that weaves together management information (both internal and external) across an entire organization.  This includes finances, accounting, manufacturing, sales, service, customer […]

SSi Consulting 's Logo Economics, Improved Processes, Agility: Why Now Is the Time for ERP in the Cloud

Organizations large and small are migrating some or all of their business activities to the cloud.  Many anticipate significant increases in budgeted cloud investments in year 2012 as well.  But […]

SSi Consulting 's Logo When ERP Systems Fall Short: ISV's Filling The Gap Continuum

What do you do when you discover that your ERP solution doesn’t provide the functionality that your organization requires?   Chucking your current system and finding a new one can be […]

SSi Consulting 's Logo Cloud Accounting - ERP Software On Premise versus Cloud

The latest trend in computing is cloud.   One of the last categories of software to transition to new technology is accounting, perhaps due to its complexity and perhaps due to […]

SSi Consulting 's Logo Hosted Microsoft Dynamics SL - An Affordable Solution for Nonprofits

We know what you’re going through.  You need a new accounting system, but lack the $50,000 to implement a quality accounting system.  So what’s your alternative?    Microsoft Dynamics SL or […]


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