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Korcomptenz Inc's Logo Discovering Seven Practical Applications of Microsoft Fabric in Data and Analytics

Microsoft Fabric merges cloud-built data analytics as well as integration services such as Microsoft Power BI, Azure Synapse, and Azure Data Factory, into a unified software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.   Though the […]

Korcomptenz Inc's Logo Harnessing the Power of Insight: A Deep Dive into Power BI Co-Pilot and Microsoft Fabric Integration

When it comes to data analytics, Microsoft Power BI remains at the forefront, introducing its groundbreaking innovation, Power BI Copilot. This AI-driven tool promises to transform how businesses extract insights […]

Korcomptenz Inc's Logo Harness the Power of AI in Self-Service Analytics with Microsoft Fabric Copilot

  Enterprises require smart, self-service analytics to unlock insights from their data. This is where Microsoft Fabric, a unified data analytics platform, and Copilot, an AI assistant, come into play. […]

Korcomptenz Inc's Logo Enhanced Decision-Making: Microsoft Fabric's Predictive Analytics

In contemporary business, the crucial strategy for reducing errors in decision-making is grounded in leveraging insights derived from data. Harnessing the power of data effectively has the potential to reveal […]

Korcomptenz Inc's Logo Key Techniques for Seamless Integration of SAP HANA and Microsoft Power Platform

All businesses continuously pursue streamlined operations and heightened efficiency. One potent synergy that has surfaced is the fusion of SAP HANA and Microsoft Power Platform. This fusion enables businesses to […]

Korcomptenz Inc's Logo Empower Integration: Delve into SAP Connectivity via Power Platform Connectors

Efficiency and automation are key in modern businesses. Microsoft's Power Platform is a standout tool, especially in SAP Integration. This article delves into how Power Platform connectors for SAP are […]

Korcomptenz Inc's Logo Driving Smart Results by Integrating SAP with Microsoft Power Platform

We are observing the convergence of potent technologies fostering collaboration and connectivity within enterprises. Consider the synergy between SAP and Microsoft Power Platform. SAP users now have the seamless ability […]

Korcomptenz Inc's Logo Understanding the Factors Prompting Clients to Shift from Dynamics GP to Business Central

Drawing on more than two decades of experience with the Microsoft Dynamics suite, we've guided countless clients in choosing software tailored to their industry and needs. Throughout this period, we've […]

Korcomptenz Inc's Logo Drive Efficiency in Supply Chain and Logistics with Dynamics 365

  Today, achieving supply chain resilience demands real-time insights into crucial factors such as resource availability, demand fluctuations, and inventory levels. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management emerges as a […]

Korcomptenz Inc's Logo 7 Convincing Arguments for Selecting Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

  Is Microsoft Dynamics Business Central the Right Choice for Your Company? With the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, many companies are evaluating whether it's a worthwhile investment. If […]


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