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To-Increase's Logo 7 Ways Technology is Transforming the Equipment Rental Industry

The equipment rental market constantly evolves, and different technologies accompany each era. The industry is anticipating a spike with an estimated valuation of 145.22 billion US dollars by 2026, according […]

To-Increase's Logo How to Migrate Your PLM-ERP Integration with AX to D365 F&SCM Upgrade

A manufacturing company will migrate from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management (F&SCM) when the shift fits the business's end-to-end financial management and long-term strategy. With […]

To-Increase's Logo Benefits of Migrating from AX to D365 F&SCM for PLM-ERP Integration

Any manufacturing business knows how vital it is to have a proper system for controlling product data. However, if you are using Dynamics AX, you have limited ability to control […]

To-Increase's Logo 6 Benefits of IoT in Our Equipment Rental Software for Dynamics 365

The equipment rental industry is embracing digital transformation, and one of the key drivers of this revolution is the Internet of Things (IoT). By leveraging IoT technology, rental companies can […]

To-Increase's Logo Top 6 Aerospace Manufacturing Challenges Solved by PLM-ERP Integration

The aerospace manufacturing industry is constantly evolving. First, the COVID-19 pandemic grounded air travel, followed by a changing global geopolitical landscape, and climate change has led aerospace manufacturers to grapple […]

To-Increase's Logo Top 15 Benefits of Our Equipment Rental Customer Portal

A survey by the American Rental Association (ARA) says that online rentals will be the second most common equipment rental method. The equipment rental industry is shifting toward e-commerce, online transactions, and digital […]

To-Increase's Logo To-Increase Continues to Expand Footprint in Microsoft’s Dataverse With a New Data Quality Solution

We have launched Data Quality Studio on Dataverse to help our customers considerably improve the data quality of all their applications on Power Platforms and Dataverse.  Veenendaal, The Netherlands, March […]

To-Increase's Logo Equipment Rental Invoicing: What Our Rental Software in D365 Offers

Invoicing or billing is a critical aspect of equipment rental operations. However, rental operations are complex, so the equipment rental invoicing process isn't straightforward. Each invoice you produce involves many […]

To-Increase's Logo 8 Reasons for PLM-ERP Integration in Automotive Manufacturing

The automotive manufacturing industry has one of the most complex supply chains in the world. It relies on several organizations and third-party companies dedicated to designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling […]

To-Increase's Logo What is the Role of EDI in Logistics?

The logistics industry faces several challenges currently, some of which can be mitigated by automating and using technologies. One of those pressing challenges is the lack of visibility of shipments […]


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