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HandsFree's Logo Overcoming Time Tracking Challenges with TiM and Dynamics 365

There is a never-ending struggle between consultants and managers. “Fill out your timesheet!”, says the manager. And then comes the litany of excuses. “It’s in a different system; I can’t […]

HandsFree's Logo How To Increase Revenue by 7% in 12 Minutes a Day with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and TiM

Nobody ever said they enjoyed filling out a timesheet. Ever. Tracking time, especially billable time, is a real challenge for many businesses, especially those in the professional services industry. Nobody […]

HandsFree's Logo How to Post Billable Time to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in 2 Clicks

Time tracking is an essential activity for any professional services organization. Since you sell your services by the hour, the hour has become your product. Just as you would track […]

HandsFree's Logo How Does a Multitasker Use a Tool to Track Time with Dynamics ERP?

“There are only so many hours in a day.” This adage continues to prove true, even in today’s fast-paced, ever-more-demanding workplace. With increased workloads and tight deadlines, modern workers often […]

HandsFree's Logo Insite, The 1st ERP Productivity Analyzer, Now for Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Insite is the world's first ERP productivity analyzer. Insite was born at a company running Microsoft Dynamics AX (now Microsoft Dynamics 365) for a large service department. There were often […]

HandsFree's Logo Point Solutions Versus Platforms in AP Automation for Dynamics 365

Does anyone else think there are just too many apps? This article from Bloomberg says they have.  I have apps on my phone controlling my robot vacuum, my fitness band, […]

HandsFree's Logo The Best Way to Track Time in Microsoft Dynamics 365

What is the difference between time tracking and time capture? The difference is subtle but significant. Time tracking solutions share a common paradigm: Spreadsheet-style data entry screens. Here the user […]

HandsFree's Logo Professional Services Billable Hours and Time Tracking in Dynamics 365

Learn how TiM time tracking Add-on for Dynamics 365 by HandsFree increases revenue for professionals.   Time is the most valuable asset we have. In fact, it’s so valuable that […]

HandsFree's Logo A Tool to Predict and Prevent ERP Implementation Failure

Simon Sinek, Optimist and Author at Simon Sinek Inc., has devoted his life to inspiring others to do great things. With a vision to change the way businesses think, act, […]

HandsFree's Logo Solving the Top Time Tracking Problem for Professionals with Dynamics 365 and Outlook

In our last article, we highlighted a major problem for professional service firms: consistent and efficient usage of tools to capture time. This results in lost revenues from uncounted hours, […]


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