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Greenshades Software's Logo Properly Handle Holiday Pay with Greenshades and Dynamics 365 ERP

The GreenShades add-on for Dynamics 365 ERP makes managing holiday pay a breeze Many businesses make provisions for paid holidays, whether out of goodwill or as a strategy to enhance […]

Greenshades Software's Logo Improve Employee Retention with Greenshades Payroll Processing and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Greenshades' payroll processing solution integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 eliminates the headaches that come with manual payroll processing. Payroll processed on time and accurately is crucial for any business. This […]

Greenshades Software's Logo Advantages of a Time Clock Integration to Payroll with Microsoft Dynamics ERP Time Keeping Solutions

If your business has salaried and non-salaried employees, a good argument can be made for time clock integration with your payroll software solution and your ERP. Payroll processing presents several […]

Greenshades Software's Logo Dynamics ERP Payroll for Seasonal Businesses with the Real-Time Add-on

Payroll submission should be both accurate and on time, given that your business relies on your employees, and employees rely on their paychecks. A speedy, compliant, and easy-to-use payroll system […]

Greenshades Software's Logo Dynamics 365 ERP Solves the Top 5 HR Challenges in Healthcare

The Covid-19 pandemic and its restrictions created challenges in most industries, especially healthcare. Of course, the storm of new and seriously ill patients and the level of care they needed […]

Greenshades Software's Logo Dynamics 365 Add-ons for the Staffing Industry - Payroll and HR Solutions

Staffing agencies play a vital role in today’s hybrid workforce. Still, the attributes that make them valuable also create unique challenges regarding applicant tracking, payroll, taxation, and compliance. Last year, […]

Greenshades Software's Logo On-Demand Webinar: Mid-Year Payroll & HR Checkup for Dynamics ERP Users

There’s nothing as constant as change.  We’ve all experienced it.  And change seems to happen faster during turbulent and exciting times.  Change is good, but it may also be disruptive […]

Greenshades Software's Logo Run Payroll In-House with Dynamics 365 Finance and See all the Benefits

Many businesses outsource their payroll processing. But have you ever wondered if there are benefits to bringing it in-house? We believe that not only can your company process payroll in-house […]

Greenshades Software's Logo How Greenshades Can Help You Simplify & Automate Complicated Payroll Taxes

Complex, numerous, and ever-changing --- payroll tax policies are already hard enough. A new level of difficulty is added when payroll teams are forced to handle complicated payroll taxes across […]

Greenshades Software's Logo No-Float Payroll Taxes with Greenshades

Floating up a lazy river sounds great. The float that comes with payroll tax payments – not so much. Let's talk about float In financial terms, the float is money […]


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