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Dooap's Logo Tips for Choosing an AP Automation Solution

The decision has been made to purchase an AP automation solution. The aim is to gain efficiencies, insight, and control over your payables, as well as reduce costs. Now, it’s […]

Dooap's Logo Rethink 3-Way Matching with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

A powerful type of artificial intelligence (AI) is machine learning which relies on algorithms and patterns within data in order to optimize and improve outcomes. Dooap is ahead of the […]

Dooap's Logo What You Need to Know About the E-invoice Exchange Market Pilot

The e-invoice exchange market pilot is an industry initiative that will change how your company sends and receives invoices. In today's business environment, it's been made clear that we cannot […]

Dooap's Logo Keep Up With A Nation That's On The Move

  There is no doubt that we are a nation that is constantly on the go and mobility is a way of life for most of us. From remote and […]

Dooap's Logo How Machine Learning is Transforming Accounts Payable

Increased visibility, control, and efficiencies; reduced costs, errors, and processing times; and better use of staff time, amongst other things are all well-known benefits that accounts payable automation brings to […]

Dooap's Logo Better User Experience – Better Life

A phenomenal user interface can have a major impact on the ease of use in regard to business software.   As consumers, we've encountered the satisfaction of an alluring and […]


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