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Captivix's Logo Reimplementing VS Upgrade to Business Central

With technological advancement comes a responsibility to keep oneself updated. The ERP industry is no exception and changes rapidly with the advent of new tools crucial to your business. It […]

Captivix's Logo Captivix wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Planning an ERP Implementation? Get a FREE evaluation, worth $2500 for your ERP Implementation Strategy by our ERP Expert! DISCOVERY STRATEGY INITIAL GAP ANALYSIS STEP-BY-STEP PLAN Get an implementation strategy that […]

Captivix's Logo Webinar on mobile application for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Business Central, NAV.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER  A chance to attend a webinar by our Digital Transformation Expert, on the impact of using Mobile ERP App for Dynamics 365 on your business. Join […]

Captivix's Logo Microsoft Dynamics 365/NAV/GP: Why you shouldn’t miss out mobile ERP.

2020 has been a year of radical changes for businesses throughout the world. Business leaders have realized the need for changing plans and policies at different points. Unfortunately for some, […]

Captivix's Logo Breaking Down Data Silos Through Digital Transformation

How digital transformation can connect your organization “Information is power. Particularly when the competition ignores the opportunity to do the same.” Mark Cuban Your organization holds a wealth of data – […]

Captivix's Logo Yes, Virginia, Systems Integration Is A Key Initiative For Digital Transformation

Nearly 20 years ago, I heard the phrase “single source of truth”. I’d been about ten years into my career as a technology marketer, working mainly with dot-coms and startups […]

Captivix's Logo Digital Transformation – it starts with you

As we work with companies seeking to digitally transform their business, we regularly hear questions about how they can best get started. How to evaluate risks and rewards. What can […]

Captivix's Logo Integrating Your ERP System With IoT - A Primer

The IoT (Internet of Things) has suddenly risen to prominence in the past couple of years with a lot of focus on getting business value from the data that is […]

Captivix's Logo A Digital Transformation Revolution is Brewing

The year 1989 was a watershed year. In 1989: • The first of 24 satellites of the GPS system is placed into orbit • Nintendo began selling the GameBoy • […]

Captivix's Logo Strategic Mindset for a Successful ERP implementation

Any leader considering implementing an ERP solution is likely very familiar with the benefits, and possibly heard the success stories shared by those from other companies: Automated Tasks and Increased […]


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