Articles By: Barry Knaster, the Knaster Technology Group

Knaster Technology Group 's Logo What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 and What Can It Do for Your Business?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based business applications platform that combines components of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) along with productivity applications and artificial intelligence tools. […]

Knaster Technology Group 's Logo Let's get Digital, Digital...

Digital transformation seems to be a much overused buzzword lately - what does it really mean for your company? Every day our Dynamics GP clients ask this question. Here is […]

Knaster Technology Group 's Logo Better Together - Explore the Microsoft Intelligent Edge with Dynamics GP 2018R2 and Business Central!

The Microsoft Intelligent Edge is a set of connected systems and devices that gather and analyze data. Users get real-time insights and experiences that are now available with Dynamics GP […]

Knaster Technology Group 's Logo Avoid the Pitfall of Thinking That Cloud Functionality Will Be Just Like On-Premise

It is a common misconception that functionality for Cloud accounting always equals or surpasses on-premise solutions.  In some cases, key features relied upon and taken for granted in an on-premise […]

Knaster Technology Group 's Logo Saving Money in the Cloud

As stated in our January post, 2014 is the year of the cloud for our company.  Each post will focus on a particular aspect of Cloud computing related to our […]

Knaster Technology Group 's Logo 2014: The Year of the Cloud

So much confusion and contradiction exists regarding Cloud. It seems the more we learn the less we understand. In the (slightly modified) words of Joni Mitchell: I've looked at cloud from both […]

Knaster Technology Group 's Logo Microsoft Dynamics Service Plans - Don't Get Penalized by Not Knowing the Rules

This past weekend during the Masters Golf tournament, penalties were assessed on the youngest player ever to qualify to play and also on the greatest player in the game today. The […]

Knaster Technology Group 's Logo 10 Most Innovative Companies in the World - Microsoft Makes the Cut!

At the January 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, some of the biggest companies in the world showcased the next generation of products and technology. From that show USA […]

Knaster Technology Group 's Logo Cast your vote for Dynamics GP2013!

The upcoming election is turning out to possibly be one of the closest presidential contests in recent history. Every day new polls are released that show the lead switching back […]

Knaster Technology Group 's Logo 5 Actual Reasons Why Clients Picked Cloud for Dynamics GP

This summer Colorado has been stricken with over a dozen wildfires, resulting in a hazy sky on most days and the smell of smoke very vivid in the air.  It […]


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