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Admiral Constulting Group's Logo An App for Everything vs. Everything in An App

These days, there’s an app for everything from calorie counting to wedding planning.  You can manage your whole life with the tiny tiles on your phone, enabling productivity, organization and […]

Admiral Constulting Group's Logo How to Shop for Shipping Automation Software

Now that online shopping has taken over, your customers expect to receive their orders as fast as they got their InstaPot so now you’re out shopping for shipping automation software. […]

Admiral Constulting Group's Logo Replace QuickBooks with a Cloud ERP Today

Many small businesses struggle with the decision to replace QuickBooks. On the one hand, QuickBooks slows down as the transaction volume rises and it’s difficult to run reports.  Plus, since […]

Admiral Constulting Group's Logo How to Replace Your Legacy ERP

When you are ready to replace your legacy ERP system, you will soon find there are essentially two kinds of ERP – the kind that was built specifically to serve […]

Admiral Constulting Group's Logo Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations vs Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft’s popular Dynamics 365 software combines best-in-class ERP, CRM, and BI solutions into a single product offering. It is a business platform that integrates all your departments and their operations, […]

Admiral Constulting Group's Logo Quickbooks vs Dynamics 365 Business Central

QuickBooks, arguably the most ubiquitous accounting software on the market, is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses manage their bills and payroll, get invoices paid, accept payments etc.  Widely […]

Admiral Constulting Group's Logo Dynamics NAV vs Business Central: What’s the difference?

First released in 1987, acquired by Microsoft in 2002, now called Business Central, Dynamics NAV is one of Microsoft's most prolific software packages with over 110,000 installations worldwide. To outpace […]

Admiral Constulting Group's Logo You've Got The Data - Now What?

Data collection is often hailed as the solution for failing business processes, but it's really just the first step of the process.  If you've already made the decision to deploy a […]

Admiral Constulting Group's Logo Dynamics 365: Investing In New Technology to Serve Customers Better

With Dynamics 365, Microsoft is leveraging new technology to change the way companies do business, interact with customers, manage teams and track data.   Expanding on a foundation of business applications […]

Admiral Constulting Group's Logo Can Your Business Benefit from Better Business Management Software?

The old way of running a business often involved toggling between business management software for accounting, inventory management, CRM, email etc. They were all separate applications with different databases.  These […]


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