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i95Dev's Logo Benefits of Automotive eCommerce Solutions: Accelerating Your Business Engine

The automotive industry is undergoing a significant transformation on a global scale. The rise of electric vehicles is reshaping the industry, while the way auto parts and accessories are sold […]

i95Dev's Logo 20 eCommerce Challenges Faced by Home Décor, Furniture, and Improvement Businesses

While most Home Décor, Furniture, and Improvement businesses are convinced about the role and importance of eCommerce in their industry, they don’t move forward with eCommerce adoption with the same […]

i95Dev's Logo How to Select the Best Channels for your Multichannel eCommerce

Over the last few years, the eCommerce industry has evolved drastically. Rapid technological advancements and shifting consumer preferences have contributed to this change. Today, customers are not just on one […]

i95Dev's Logo 18 Proven Strategies for Unforgettable Customer Experiences

Welcome to a world where eCommerce reigns supreme, and customer satisfaction is the ultimate currency. The world of eCommerce is rapidly evolving, with no signs of slowing down. In fact, […]

i95Dev's Logo Turbocharge your Salesforce Commerce Cloud Store with Business Central Integration

In the competitive eCommerce landscape, businesses strive to provide exceptional customer experiences, streamline operations, and maximize efficiency. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is often a popular choice among businesses looking to create […]

i95Dev's Logo Seamless eCommerce Workflow with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (F&O) and Salesforce Commerce Integration

Companies require greater agility, adaptability, and ongoing innovation as customer demand for quicker reaction times rises. Today's businesses are becoming aware of the necessity for hybrid and cloud-based business solutions. […]

i95Dev's Logo Top 5 Fashion eCommerce Trends in 2023 

Rise in globalization & digital innovation and changes in consumer behavior have catapulted the fashion eCommerce industry amidst dynamic shifts. As a result, fashion is constantly evolving, and so are […]

i95Dev's Logo Top 5 Benefits of Choosing the Right Integrated eCommerce Solution for Manufacturers

In the current market, manufacturing companies face major challenges due to excessively demanding customers, overflowing requests for self-service portals, and the need to satisfy numerous decision-makers involved in ordering products. […]

i95Dev's Logo How does Integrated eCommerce Benefit the Manufacturing Industry?

Ever since the pandemic pushed eCommerce as one of the most important buying channels for customers, its adoption has been steadily rising among manufacturers. The manufacturing industry has relied on […]

i95Dev's Logo 5 Ways B2B Manufacturers can Improve Sales

B2B manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve sales. But generating sales can be difficult, especially in today's economy. According to Forrester  43% of CEOs believed that misalignment had cost […]


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