How to Improve the Accounts Payable Process in Dynamics 365

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 When it comes to accounting, efficiency and accuracy are crucial. Axtension® Invoice Processing is a fully embedded Accounts Payable (AP) automation application that enriches the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. Axtension and Dynamics 365 is a powerful combination designed to enhance, elevate, and automate even complex AP processes.

Ongoing AP Optimization in Dynamics 365

Perhaps your company has straightforward, low-volume invoice processing needs. In that case, standard Dynamics 365 functionalities will probably be adequate. However, if your organization has more complex processes or deals with multiple entities and locations, a more comprehensive solution will keep you ahead of the competition. Axtension® Invoice Processing is the essential optimization tool. AP automation excellence is a journey of continuous improvement toward optimum efficiency.

Tailored Workspaces Benefit Your Team

Axtension® Invoice Processing offers three tailored workspaces fitted to the distinct AP roles.

  • Dynamics 365 Approval Workspace

    allows approvers to streamline and expedite their approvals.

  • Dynamics 365 Management Workspace

    gives managers and controllers the data they need for actionable insights, allowing them to maintain oversight.

  • Dynamics 3656 Processing Workspace

    is for team members who deal with various invoice types, including and beyond Pending Vendor Invoices or Invoice Journals.

These tailored workspaces are seamlessly integrated with Microsoft's new Vendor Invoice Center. They offer additional actionable insights and work with Microsoft's latest workspace layout components.

Advanced Features for Comprehensive Automation

Axtension® Invoice Processing augments Microsoft Dynamics 365's functionality and ensures a genuinely touchless, complete invoice-matching process. Key features of Axtension Invoice Processing include:

  • Full integration with Microsoft Invoice Capture and other OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology
  • Enhanced Microsoft Invoice Capture, Electronic Invoicing, and Landed Cost or goods-in-transit management
  • Touchless invoice matching functionality
  • Mixed two and three-way matching and matching-after-posting capability
  • Simplified tax processing with support for complex tax compliance requirements
  • Efficient management of non-PO invoices with coding templates and invoice contracts
  • Real-time insights and predictive analytics for proactive, insightful decision-making
  • Microsoft Teams implementation for seamless collaboration on invoices
  • Rapid, straightforward approval process with the Axtension® Invoice Approval App with reminders, options, and history.
  • Optimized workflow simulation with advanced hierarchies and assignments.

Exceptional Performance

Axtension® Invoice Processing allows your company to reach remarkable efficiency:

  • 90%  efficiency increase for non-PO invoices
  • 75% efficiency increase for PO invoices

Optimized efficiency allows your AP department to be more productive and effectively manage exceptions.

Straightforward Implementation Without Risk

Axtension® Invoice Processing is built for easy implementation with no risk. It is the perfect solution for businesses with high invoice volume or complex requirements.

Optimize your AP department by seamlessly integrating Axtension® Invoice Processing with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations solution. Our advanced automation features will transform invoice processing tasks into an exceptional, streamlined operation. You can embrace the future of AP automation and stay ahead of the competition with Axtension® Invoice Processing.

Join our Accounts Payable Invoice Automation Webinar

AP processing has dramatically changed with enhanced invoice recognition (OCR/AI) technology and ever-changing legal requirements. With E-invoicing becoming the industry standard and Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations introducing new modules and capabilities, the software supporting your business processes must remain relevant.

The Axtension® business solutions prepare organizations for present and future changes.  We will continue to focus on further automating these processes and taking your Accounts Payable team to the next level by leveraging and accelerating Dynamics 365's core capabilities.

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Join our webinar on July 11, 2024, to see how Axtension® Invoice Processing, with newly added capabilities, helps businesses automate their AP invoice handling.


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